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Indoor/Outdoor Individual Kennels

AKC Inspected & 100% compliant 


The featured kennels are from our facility in Ramona CA, we have since moved to Sheridan OR and are in the process of designing and building a whole new facility on our new 50 acre land where we will offer field access/training, boarding and breeding services. 

Buildings/Kennels All Include:

   Each dog always has its own individual space inside and out

   Indoor spaces are 4'x4'x6'

   Outdoor runs are a mix of 6'x16', 9'x10', 4'x12' and 8'x24'

   Digital feeders set to feed 3x a day

   Double walled & Insulated to regulate temperature

   Elevated solid floor to regulate temperature

   Solid non-porous lined walls and flooring with drains

   Ceiling fans and area fans to keep air circulating

   Digital in-wall air conditioners

   Heating units and lamps on timers

   Multiple windows with screens

   Fire alarm system into house 


Field Training:

   Multiple birds available - Pigeon, pheasants, chukar and quail. 

   Will assist in training dogs in the field that came from us.


   If we have room and no litters at the time, and a dog is good in a

   kennel, we will board for a daily rate. Only dogs that came from us.


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