Getting One Of Our Pups

Adult dogs available:

  • Raven, 2 year old female, see our females page. Our reason for rehoming her into a companion or hobby hunt home is that a 2 year old genetic test for things we determine weather breeding worthy or not came back with results that we chose not be incorporating into our breeding program sadly. She is a phenomenal hunter, so much talent and athleticism, extremely intelligent, loves water, running, forest hikes, total ball/fetch fanatic, happy go lucky type that loves everyone, gets along with most all dogs unless they are really bitchy at her. Always been all day with 2 females and a male and all is well. Been a kennel/yard /crate raised dog not a house dog, so will need a lot of property and ideally an electric fence around bottom so doesn't dig out which is a thing with majority of this breed that are smart but they do great in electric wire. There will be no rehome fee to us only a contract that includes you will have her spayed once settled into new surroundings, and will attend obedience training and commit to a forever home.

  • Gizmo, 2 year old male, see our males page. We are only looking to place him in a foster companion home with the ability to bring him here for breeding once or twice a year. He is a happy go lucky, goofy, sweet, loving dog that adores small children and was living in an appartment for 5 months with a friend with 2 young boys consoling them over the loss of their dog and he was a rock star at that, so he is house broke, crate trained, and very respectful inside. He is not a fan of being an always outside dog like we house our dogs and therefore that is why we want him to be happier in a more fitting setting for him and who he is as a dog, which is with more human interaction, some inside house time, and more laid back and affectionate lifestyle than we have. He is a big goofy guy that we affectionally call Scooby as that is his personality. He is a stud dog so no other male dog interaction, but he does like the company of respectful females (must be spayd since he is intact). The arrangement will be that so long as he lives with you he is in your care and your responsibility for any and all of his care, feed etc. When he is here he is our responsibility. We will only be using him a couple times a year for a few years for breeding, so very limitedly. No fees just the agreed upon providing of care in exchange. 

  • Kiah, senior female that still moves and acts like shes 5! See our retired dogs page. She is great with kids and all humans, crate trained, yard broke, house broke (however an opportunist so trash and things she will sneek into), not a barker or whiner. She is a great companion dog for humans, loves to hang out on the porch, or go run the forsts and fields. However she was severly atacked in her younger years and ever since has been unable to be around other dogs whatsoever due to fear agression toward any and all dogs. She is also one of our best hunters and therfore should not be around any small animals like cats, etc. She lived with my mom for 2 years recent and did great keeping her company but then she lost her yard, she started working very long hours, and had to be in a trailer house all the time and that is not fair, a yard is a must for any large dog metally and physcially. If you're looking for a sweet dog that will just hang with you at home and enjoy the surround, that is her. Yes she is advanced in age but fit as a fiddle currently body wise just has some hearling loss and would love to be spoiled in her golden years rather than a kennel outside all the time dog. No homing fee just agreement to care for her for her lifespan.

  • Piper, 9yo adoreable and vibrant with losts of love to give and the happiest dog ever known (see our retired dogs page). Tail wagging, trotting around, usually with a ball in her mouth all the time. She is a special dog to us and love to see her in a companion home as she deserves to be doted over more now that she is retired from breeding. Gets along with most all dogs unless nasty attidute females then she will defend, crate trained, loves being outside in a yard (may need electric wire as she will dig), loves house time too, car rides, hikes, up for anything, and is a total ball/fetch fanatic! Loves to hunt and very good at it so if you want to do that she is happy to. Not a barker unless alerted, not a whiner, and very obedient to commands. She is an opportunist so have to be carefulw tih food out or trash cans and she will always act starving total food hound. And total love bug. No homing fee just agreement to care for her for her lifespan.

Litters Plans (approximation dates):

For litter photos visit our Facebook Page. Those getting pups from us will have a link to a private folder with many more.

Coming litters, (breeding/whelping/home) projected dates:

Nov 1 2019/Jan 3 2020/Feb 29 2020 - Zora/Wiley (accepting wait list applications)

Future litters:

Mar 2020/May 2020/Jul 2020 - Lucy/Draco 

Jul 2020/Sept 2020/Nov 2020 - Karma/Gizmo or Deuce

We place pups in all types of homes, pet/companion, hobby or competition hunting, agility or other sprots, and show. We continually accept applications and place people on the wait this. Timeline would be upon breeding they will take about 63 days to whelp, and we will have the pups for 8 weeks. We get a lot of interest since we have been doing this 15 years so its best to get on our list as soon as possible to ensure you get a pup on the coming litter. Those that are involved in the process for a litter early will get a lot more out of the process such as almost daily photos so they can see pups grow and change while here, many emails of info throughout the process, and time to prep. By the time 8 weeks comes there will have been thousands of photos taken of which you can save want you want as well.

The Process:

  1. Read over our entire website to be sure we are the type of breeder for you and producing type of Weim for you.

  2. Email for an application to fill out and then email back for our review, this beginning of the process is to make sure our pups and you are a right fit according to the information given on past experiences, home type, activities, plans, etc. Upon our review of your information we will reply back. If all looks like a good match you will be added to the wait list, or if while have a litter then purchase agreement.

  3. Once on the wait list, upon heat/mating we will notify you of expected litter timeline and if the timing works for you then a deposit agreement and deposit payment will be completed. (Purchase deposit agreements are detailed with payment plans, guarantees and expectations of care).

  4. If at time of whelp we didn't have enough pups for you then you will go on the next litter list or get a refund, your choice.

  5. Pups will have photos and videos taken almost daily and families will have a link to the folder.

  6. Around 4-6 weeks we will provide a link to electronic documents to all the families to prepare for the puppy.

  7. Upon 5-7 weeks they will be exposed to a lot and lots of observation done by us as well as temperament testing, scent, birds, and other things will be introduced and their responses closely reviewed by us. Around the 7 week mark we will have all the assignments of which puppies go to which homes based on the application info given and other correspondence. We decide puppy placement as we are the ones that have had much more time to evaluate and any visit here or there is not going to give anyone a true encompassing understanding of any puppy. It's important that the high drive, natural use of nose, and intense natural interest in birds types go to the hunt homes, best built conformation go to show homes, and that homes with already an alpha female or dominant male don't end up with another, and kids homes get a pup that is not fearful of kid chaos, and sooo many other factors that go into matching puppy and home. For these and many other reasons is why we the breeders match puppies with homes since we see them daily for many hours not just glimpses in time. If you prefer to pick your own puppy then we are not the breeder for you.  

  8. Pick up schedule will be arranged for 8 weeks or after. Those that travel the furthest will get first choice of days and times. 

Our Expectations:

  • We expect that you make a commitment to giving our pups a safe, happy, healthy and caring FOREVER home upfront, no matter what!! You guarantee us that the dog will get all necessary routine care and daily exercise and you will seek professional training if ever needed. And that certain titles and health testing is done with particular outcomes before full rights/breeding can be done if that is your interest, and all pups are on limited rights until so. If you can't do this or refuse to make this dog lifelong commitment then please move on to someone with less expectation then. Those that give up dogs for selfish reasons are not the people we want our pups to end up with ever as rehoming them is heartbreaking for them and very hard to do.

  • We will additionally expect lifelong care, training with a pro trainer if issues should arise that it is necessary, and proper exercise.

  • All of our expectations are detailed out in the purchase agreement and pointed out on our application and this website, to ensure the our pups are properly cared for lifelong and the right people understand this and will agree.

Pups from us come with:

  • AKC Registered (Limited rights registration will be given with the ability to become full upon certain titles and health tests acquired)

  • NAVHDA & UKC and other registration applications available (if interested)

  • Health & genetics guarantee in contract, 72 hours life threatening sickness, 6 months birth defects, 2 years serious genetic issues.

  • Tails docked & dewclaws removed in accordance with AKC breed standard

  • First vaccinations & routine de-wormings 

  • Puppy Packet via e-documents emailed and linked including: pedigree info, copies of certificates - titles and health, several pictures, videos, e-books, training articles, and guides on caring for puppies, toys, care items, and more!

  • Breeder support (text, call, email whenever you have any question)

    • Experience with Weimaraners since 2004 and a lifelong dog/horse breeder of many breeds over the years.

  • References - can provide many upon request. See our testimonials as well.

  • Great Customer Service! We take 1000's of pictures during the 8 weeks they are with us, and keep in contact. Please visit the "other" page  for testimonials regarding our commitment to our puppies and puppy's families.

  • Lots of exposure - Pups will be exposed to small children daily from birth, and in the 6-8 week period will be exposed to many, many things. Good dogs are bred, but great dogs are made! So it is up to the new owners at 8 weeks to continue their socialization, build on training, and be committed to developing them into GREAT DOGS for the first year-2 years!

  • Pups are well cared for - Pups are in clean and sanitary, climate controlled environments, and at 5 weeks have an outdoor area they can venture. They will be pretty much litter box trained. Fed premium high quality food - Victor Hi Pro Plus. Bathed a few times before leaving, free of fleas and parasites.



Incentive Programs Offered To All of Our Puppy Owners:

Competition Incentive Program:

  • Anyone who achieves a NAVHDA VC title and/or an AKC VCD1 title or better on their dog will receive a FREE next puppy.

  • Anyone that achieves an AKC FC or CH title will receive a 50% discount on the next puppy.

  • Those who achieve an AKC MH and NAVHDA Utility Prize with any of our pups will receive a 30% discount on their next puppy.

  • Anyone who achieves an AKC JH title and NAVHDA NA Prize, and/or IABCA and UKC CH title will receive a 20% discount on their next puppy.

  • We will combine offer 2-4 above for a FREE FUTURE PUPPY!



  • $1,600 (and no sales tax collected since we are now in Oregon). Pups of the same litter are priced all the same no matter what gender or type of home etc. we will discount for flaults only. All will be AKC with limited registration with possibility of full rights if interested upon completion of titles and health testing as explained above and in contract. We do NOT require any competition titles of our homes that stay on limited rights but provide the same contract and opportunities on all pups so the option is there if you decide to do events and testing later. Purchase agreement is set up of either 2-4 payments depending on when you get on the litter list. If before litter is whelped then its 4 payments of $400 (pre-deposit, birth payment, 4 week payment and 8 week pick up payment). If after litter is already whelped then its 3 payments, if after 4 weeks its 2 payments. 

  • We reserve the right to refuse to sell or place any puppy or dog with anyone at anytime for any reason we see fit. We will always be homing them in the best interest of our pups and dogs and our longterm goals and selecting the homes that best align with all that.

Pick-up/Shipping Options:

Option #1 is personal pick up, which we prefer most, but understand that is not always an option in fact we have shipped everyone of our dogs when we got them. There are a few more options.

Option #2 we will ship cargo flights that are direct or with very short 1 layover. This option is with Delta or United and runs about $250-400, plus a crate, and transport/vet paperwork is $100, and we charge $100 for the time and travel involved. 

Option #3 is for you to fly here to Portland PDX and take the pup back with you onboard the plane, which I can meet you at Portland Airport terminal if your turning around and going back same day or elsewhere if you are staying a night, and pet ticket on SouthWest is only $125 and requires no vet certs. I have a carrier you can borrow that fits under the seat in front space.

Option #4 if there are multiple pups going to the same general area a puppy carpool can sometimes be arranged especially to CA.

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