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Getting One of Our Pups

**We are taking a break from breeding indefinitely. It will be years, if ever, if we do any future breeding.**


The below info is being kept on the website for those who have received a puppy in the past. 

The Process:

  1. Read over our entire website to be sure we are the type of breeder for you and producing type of Weim for you. Not all breeders breed the same type of dog even if it is the same breed! Ours will be high energy, hunt driven and real Weims not just grey dogs.

  2. Email for the application form to fill out and then email back for our review, this beginning of the process is to make sure our pups and you are a right fit according to the information given on past experiences, home type, activities, plans, etc. Upon our review of your information, we will reply back. If all looks like a good match you will be added to the wait list, and at time of breeding for a specific litter a purchase agreement is sent. We do not publish our form online as people copy materials.

  3. Once on the wait list, upon heat/mating we will notify you of expected litter timeline and if the timing works for you then a deposit agreement and deposit payment will be completed. (Purchase deposit agreements are detailed with payment plans, guarantees and expectations of care).

  4. If at time of whelp we didn't have enough pups for you then you will go on the next litter list or get a refund, your choice.

  5. Pups will have photos and videos taken almost daily and families getting a pup will have a link to the folder.

  6. We will provide a link to electronic documents to all the families to prepare for the puppy.

  7. 5-7 weeks they will be exposed to many things and lots of observation done by us as well as temperament testing, scent, birds, and other things will be introduced and their responses closely reviewed by us. AFTER the 7 week mark, no sooner, we will start the assignments of which puppy goes to which home based on the application info given and other correspondence. We decide puppy placement as we are the ones that have had much more time to evaluate and any visit here or there is not going to give anyone a true encompassing understanding of any puppy. It's important that the high drive, natural use of nose, and intense natural interest in hunting types go to the hunt homes, best built conformation go to show homes, and that homes with already an alpha female or dominant male don't end up with another, and kids homes get a pup that is not fearful of kid chaos, and sooo many other factors that go into matching puppy and home. For these and many other reasons is why we the breeders match puppies with homes since we see them daily for many hours not just glimpses in time. If you prefer to pick your own puppy then we are not the breeder for youFor even more info on this process and why we do things the way we do click here.

  8. Pick up schedule will be arranged for pick up at 8-9 weeks old. Those traveling furthest will get first choice of day/time. We give you the 8 week date up front so we expect you to be able to pick up your pup at that time or within 3 days of it. Past that there will be a daily board rate and if you are not able to pick up within 1 week of pick up date we will replace pup. By this time we are exhausted and need them to go to their homes as well as it is a pivotal age for them to bond with their forever families.

Our Expectations:

  • We expect you to do your homework before contacting us! I do not know you, I cannot tell you if a Weim is good for you. You need to READ and READ and READ all that you can about the breed and see if that fits, YOU, your life, and lifestyle. And know you may have known or had a lazy Weim in the past and think they are a chill easy to deal with breed BUT that is not the true breed at all some yes but most no, we breed real Weims not just grey dogs like some pet breeders that have dumbed them down over years of breeding for a lazy, no nose, no hunt drive, no sense...just a grey dog. So know that up front these dogs WILL need daily exercise of running and running and more running. 

  • We expect that you make a commitment to giving our pups a safe, happy, healthy and caring FOREVER home upfront, no matter what!! You guarantee us that the dog will get all necessary routine care and daily exercise and you will seek professional training if ever needed. And that certain titles and health testing is done with particular outcomes before full rights/breeding can be done if that is your interest, and all pups are on limited rights until so. If you can't do this or refuse to make this dog lifelong commitment then please move on to someone with less expectation then. Those that give up dogs for selfish reasons are not the people we want our pups to end up with ever as rehoming them is heartbreaking for them and very hard to do.

  • We will additionally expect lifelong care, training with a pro trainer if issues should arise that it is necessary, and proper exercise.

  • If something horrible happens to where you absolutely cannot keep the dog it comes back to us and never a shelter.

  • All of our expectations are detailed out in the purchase agreement and pointed out on our application and this website, to ensure the our pups are properly cared for lifelong and the right people understand this and will agree.

Pups from us come with:

  • Hundreds of photos or video loaded into a private folder from birth to 8 weeks (almost daily).

  • AKC Registered - we will pay for and process online (limited rights registration, see AKC website for more info)

  • Health & genetics guarantees; 72 hours life threatening sickness, 6 months birth defects, 16 months serious genetic issues.

  • Tails docked & dewclaws removed in accordance with AKC and WCA breed standard.

  • First vaccinations & routine de-wormings.

  • Puppy Packet via e-documents emailed and linked including: pedigree info, copies of certificates - titles and health, several pictures, videos, e-books, training articles, and guides on caring for puppies, toys, care items, and more!

  • Breeder support (text, call, email)

    • Experience with Weimaraners since 2004 and a lifelong dog/horse breeder of many breeds over the years.

  • Great Customer Service! We take 1000's of pictures during the 8 weeks they are with us, and keep in contact. Please visit the "other" page  for testimonials regarding our commitment to our puppies and puppy's families.

  • Pups will be exposed to small children daily from birth, and in the 6-8 week period will be exposed to many textures, noises, scents.

  • Pups are well cared for - Raised in clean, sanitary, climate controlled environments. Fed premium high quality food, bathed a few times before leaving, and free of fleas and parasites.


  • $2,000-$2,500 Pups of the same litter are priced all the same no matter what gender or type of home. We will discount for certain faults only. Purchase agreement is set up of 2-4 payments depending on when you get on the litter list. If before litter is whelped then its 4 payments (pre-deposit, birth payment, 4 week payment and 8 week pick-up payment). If after litter is already whelped then its 3 payments, if after 4 weeks old its 2 payments, at time of go home age it's 1 payment in full. 

  • We reserve the right to refuse to sell or place any puppy or dog with anyone at anytime for any reason we see fit. We will always be homing them in the best interest of our pups and dogs and our long-term goals and selecting the homes that best align with all that as well as guarantee us a FOREVER LOVING AND SAFE HOME NO MATTER WHAT FOR THEIR LIFE.

Pick-up/Shipping: We are no longer shipping puppies; you need to arrange to pick up in person, if you chose to fly with your puppy that is your deal but I will not meet you at the airport you need to rent a car or Uber and come pick them up.

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