Zornica ot Yanina Villa "Zora"


Imported from Bulgaria June 2017


Silver Gray, Female, DOB: Feb 19, 2017

Sire: Fateful Phoenix of Potoka Kachaku (see photo for titles)

Dam: Azmana (see photo for titles)

Full Pedigree


Current Accomplishments/Titles Include:

IABCA International Junior Puppy Champion

IABCA National Junior Puppy Champion

IABCA Honors Junior Puppy Champion

IABCA International Champion, Adult

IABCA National Champion, Adult

IABCA Honors Champion, Adult

UKC Grand Champion 

UKC Champion 

UKC #2 Weim in USA for 2017

UKC #1 Weim in USA for 2018

AKC Class Point Earner

AKC Junior Hunter - 3 of 4 legs earned toward title

NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize III earned

WCA Novice Retrieving Dog title

WCA Nationals 12-18m bitches, positioned 5th


Health Testing:




Cardiac - Normal

Thyroid - Normal

Elbows - Normal

Hips - Excellent

Correct scissor bite, full dentition

To say we are thrilled to have the opportunity to have Zora come to the US and to be with is an understatement. We look forward to crossing her on our American and other Her pedigree is made up of some very great dogs with long leading legacies.

She has a regal temperament. She is very keen on birds, favoring chukar and pheasant and any and all fur game, with good use of nose and natural instincts. And she loves water! She gets inthe horse buckets and sits in them even. She has very correct FCI standard conformation, beautiful and correct movement.  


2 years old above

1 year old

Taken Nov 2019 at 2.5 years

2.5 years old

Hanson's Footloose And Fancy-Free "Lucy"



Gray, Female, DOB: May 18, 2017

Sire: Brooksburg's Right As Rain JH, NSD, NA-I-112

Dam: CH Kiah Hanson JH, NSD, NA-II


Current Accomplishments/Titles Include:

RATI - Barn Hunt Instinct

RATN - Barn Hunt Novice

AKC Junior Hunter


Health Testing:

HUU N/N by parentage

HYPM N/N by parentage

SD N/N by parentage

Cardiac - Normal

Hips - Good

Correct scissor bite, full dentition

Lucy is a product of a one time litter of an extraordinary combination of bloodlines. We specifically combined these lines for a female for us to keep and we ended up placing all the pups because it ended up not good timing for us to keep one...and then when Lucy was 14 months old she came back to us due to a family separation of her home. Therefore we see it as meant to be for her to be with us. She exhibits all the great qualities of her sire and dam and we are happy to have her. The first time we put her on birds she was 15 months and she combed the field quickly an very methodically and found her first chukar and locked up on point for several minutes with intense pointing style (video link below). She has all the natural instinct, style and drive one looks for NATURALLY in a real field Weim that you can't train for, they either have it or they don't and she does. She is a true representation of her breed, pedigree, and is a machine! 

Video of Lucy on her very first bird at 15 months! This is genetics all at play, no previous training or bird exposure. Click Here

In 2020 we are planning to breed her to Draco for a very special litter to us that will include 8 of our very own dogs on 1 pedigree for the first time which is a compilation of 15 years of breeding!


3 adult  photos taken Nov 2019 at 2.5 years old

Karma ot Yanina Villa "Karma"


Imported from Bulgaria July 2018


Silver Gray, Female, DOB: Mar 10, 2018

Sire: Fly Me To The Moon Von Silberweiss Jager 

 #1 Kennel in France, website

Dam: Gizda ot Yanina Villa


Current Accomplishments/Titles Include:

UKC Champion, Adult

IABCA International Champion, Adult

IABCA National Champion, Adult

RATI - Barn Hunt Instinct

RATN - Barn Hunt Novice

Health Testing:




Correct scissor bite, full dentition

Rest too be done when at 2yo

Karma is a very special breeding. She is by "Pheonix" one of the most admired sires and produced by and resides at the #1 kennel in France. Her dam is by "Fumo" one of the most accomplished male Weims in Poland. To have 2 of the most amazing European sires in the first 2 generations of one pedigree is very exciting. 

She has a lovely temperament, reserve and calm, but livens up around game and especially loves Barn Hunt trials and mouse huntingi n our own barn! We plan to show her and also do field work with her and eventually incorporate her into our breeding mid 2020.  


12 months old above

15 months old above

Nov 2019 at 20 months old above and below

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